Stored product pests infest and damage a wide variety of our food. Whereas much of the damage usually occurs in storage, during shipment, in storage, or in the area of use. Stored products pests can be classified by the food stuffs or materials that they usually infest. These are stored grain pests, processed food pests, tobacco, fabric pests, etc. Some pests,however, feed on a variety of foodstuffs and, therefore, are difficult to classify.

Product Pests

Stored product pests like grain weevils, Indian meal moths or saw-toothed and merchant grain weevils thrive on grain, bran rice and flour. These hungry pests can cost a mill, bakery, food processing facility or restaurant thousands of dollars in contaminated product. Even worse, they can jeopardize a company’s compliance with government regulations, potentially stopping operations altogether. One reason stored -product pests can cause so much damage is that they contaminate much more than they eat, meaning even a small infestation can have a significant impact on final product output.

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